As with Andy's interview, this was also on the Industries website to promote another release that has since sold out. Iain comes from England and we released two of his prints as a set.

Hi Iain. First, could you introduce yourself?

Iain Macarthur.

You work professionaly as a graphic designer, right? What kind of comissions do you usually work on?

Yes, I work as a graphic designer and also as illustrator. I usually do t-shirt and logo design commissions but would like to broaden my horizons and do other commissions, such as typography or editorial illustrations.

Are you involved in any shows in the coming months? Or any past exhbition you want to talk about.

Not at the moment but hopefully when I've done enough commission work and time, then I'll consider producing personal work and organize exhibitions for public exposure. But I have done past exhibitions before, I did an Internet exhibition called 'Phonebooth Gallery' last year in January, which went well.

You paint both colourful pictures and black and white, which one do you prefer and why? Who would you consider your influences?

I do watercolour mixture into my work and also pen and pencil, but I prefer using just pen and pencil as i feel more comftable. I do sometimes like using minimum amount of colour in my work like 1 or 2 colours but I don't use a overdose of colour.

Why the obsession with faces?

I do enjoy drawing portraits. I guess it's a habit of mine, trying to make faces look as real as a photograph. But I like to draw other things like animals so that I'm not stuck at drawing just one thing. Work outside my comfort zone.

Would you care to explain your creative proccess?

First of, I browse through magazines and books for reference to get an idea on the way the drawing or painting will look like, mostly look through books such as alphonse mucha and james jeans for layout techniques. then i draw it out on a A3 size paper which takes me a couples of hours to do. then finally i go over it in pigment pen.

Do you pursue any other artistic form?

My style is similar to bruno 9li or Merijn Hos in their pattern drawing technique.

Last question, what is your aim for the next few years? What do you want to achieve and what changes do you want to implement? Feel free to talk about any project you might have.

My ambition is to make more illustrations and paintings. i want to work on more portraits and try out more different methods of medium on them insted of being stuck at doing black and white faces all the time. thinking of doing acrylic paintings in my style, would look interesting with my pattern work within it. i have a personal project im working on at the moment but its a working progress, its a series of animal faces with the elements of patterns collaberating there faces. hopfully be done somtime late spring.