As with the other interviews, this entry is made in English. This is an occasional feature where I interview someone whose work I appreciate with a few quick questions. This time, a certain Henry Garfield stepped up. You probably know him as Henry Rollins, the last singer of Black Flag, author and an underground personality that has been giving spoken words for more than twenty years. A pleasure, once again, and you might want to see also the interviews with Seldon Hunt and Fenriz from Darkthrone. For now, read this one, and thanks to Henry for the inspiration over the years.

First of all, I am aware that you went to the Middle East during these last weeks, you just went to visit or was it business related? What
interested you to make you go there, and what surprised you in the end?

I have been to the Middle East many times. I went to Saudi Arabia because I had the chance to go. It is very hard to get a visa. Nothing really surprised me.
There's always good and bad in those countries. You meet some amazing
people but there are some ways people go about things, like the Sharia law,
that I can't get to.

You are coming back to Europe in January for a few more dates, can you tell me what is it going to be about this time?

I will be talking about where I've been, among other topics.

You have been doing spoken words since you joined Black Flag, are you still interested in poetry for example, or is it mainly the current state of affairs?

I don't delve into poetic pursuits at this point.

Do you have a home now, or you are always travelling around?

I bought my first house in 1993. I had four at one point. I sold
two of them. I live in one and rent the other.

Last question, do you still have any interest in hardcore, do you
listen to new bands or check some shows?

I don't really listen to new hardcore stuff. I am not putting it
down but it doesn't speak to me like it did when I was younger. Thanks.