Mais uma expansão para este blog. A minha mãe lê-o de vez em quando, pessoas de bem passam por aqui, ainda assim achei por bem dar este espaço à Andy San Dimas. O que é que ela faz? É boa rapariga, mas ganha dinheiro a fazer filmes pornográficos. Não que eu perceba muito da área (juro, mas sou capaz de encaminhar interessados para pessoas com vastíssimos conhecimentos na área, que rivalizam os de Benfiquistas com a história do seu clube). A entrevista foi feita em Inglês, portanto não faria sentido estar a traduzi-la.

Hi Andy. First of all, "regular" people have no idea what do porn actors actually do besides porn. Do your friends care about it? On 1 to 10, what would be the importance of porn in your life? (Not counting with the money income obviously.)

It's always weird to me that I'm not considered a "regular" person, because everything I do seems so normal to me. I'm not what you would expect...I rarely party and I'm more into being at home with my boyfriend than I am into being out at a bar. I actually hate going to bars haha. I spend my days playing video games and lurking the internet. none of my friends really care about what I do...they forget that I'm even involved in the adult industry most of the time. like I said before, I'm not a crazy/slutty person in reality. I'm a good person, so things like that don't even matter to them. Porn is kind of important to me, but not really. I don't even watch it very much anymore... actually I lied... I watch my own stuff a lot. I have to tune other people out because I don't want their style to influence mine... so I give it a 5 or 6.

Do you get people recognizing you on the street? Any stories involving old dudes or mothers with kids coming to you?

I have been recognized in public a few times...everyone who has come up to me has been very nice/respectful. mothers with kids are actually some of my biggest fans! You would be very surprised!

You can't be attracted to everyone you do a scene with, so how do you go around that to still keep it interesting for the buyers? Or you only do it with your boyfriend, as I got the impression from your myspace?

My boyfriend and I both work with other people, but keep our relationship monogamous off screen. its true that sometimes you work with people who aren't so hot...but most of the time they are very professional and make you feel very comfortable and that's what keeps the scene going. I really love working with my boyfriend though...he is the best. We both know how the other one works so well that it always makes for a hot scene.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Married to my boyfriend and living in Los Angeles. Still doing porn and more well known...with more money haha.

Is the porn business really worse than high school when it comes to bitching?

Ehhh kind of...people are either wayyy more uptight and catty or wayyy more relaxed and nicer, it's a world of extremes. I stick with the nice people.

Why did you choose Andy San Dimas? Do you really have to use a porn name or is it "well, now that I am here, I can treat myself with a porn name"? (Her real name is much more common, trust me)

I chose Andy San Dimas back when I was in high school and porn was just a daydream for me. Andy is the name of the little boy in the child's play series and San Dimas is the town Bill and Ted live in. I'm a huge Keanu fan. I have a big framed picture of him in my kitchen. you don't HAVE to have a porn name, but since my real first name is so boring I figured "why not be weird?".

Feel free to advertise upcoming projects!

I have a few new movies coming out...both directed by avn award winning directors (EON MCKAI & JACKTHEZIPPER).

She actually gave me links to promote stuff that she has coming out, but this message was displayed:

You have reached a link that is no longer in service. That means the link was very naughty, and, much like head lice, had to be eliminated before it spread.

I think it might be a good sign of the quality!

Last question, what is the best hardcore band ever?

This is such a hard question... I can't really decide between old favorites, so I'm just gonna use this opportunity to give my boys in TRAPPED UNDER ICE a shout out. ESSEX WHAT!

Saaanks! Andy rules and you know it. Now if you like porn, go give her some money.