Eis o regresso mais aguardado, desta vez a internacionalizar. A Jara vem do meio das hortas. Conheci-a quando ela era obrigada a trabalhar numa fábrica de cremes, e desde aí tem-se revelado das raparigas mais "boa onda" que existe. Não só leva com todo o tipo de piadas em cima, como ainda responde e ganha. Notável. Costumo dizer que é o melhor que a Bélgica tem, mas penso que já posso estender o elogio a toda a Europa Central. Achei por bem não traduzir, pois não faria sentido.

What have you been doing and what plans do you have for the next weeks?

i've beeeeeeeeeennn.. euhm, working my ass off, mostly. looking out for an apartment in Ghent, cause i don't see myself getting on a train at 6.30 in the morning on a cold winter's day. I hate the thought of that already. my plans, visiting my parents is top priority, haven't seen them for a month now I think. and I start to really miss them, and my home town. aaandddd looking forward to getting tattooed. but I'm scared as hell so I think I'm gonna pass out :')

Five films and albums you recommend

I can understand the Portuguese translation of that question (H) *so cool
movies : Hard candy / un long dimanche du fiançailles / edward scissorhands / amélie poulain / l'enfant. ( i tend to dig french movies)
albums : blink 182-dude ranch; the loved ones-keep your heart; h2o-nothing to prove; belvedere- Twas Hell Said Former Child; aaaannndddd The fall of troy- doppelganger. god that took me a lot of time to think about!

Last but not least, talk about me, or say something that you remember we had?

Let me think!
I remember late night talks when I was still in college in Antwerp,those were the best. (my other profile still says : I enjoy late night talks with miguel.). I love the stuff that you send me, the beanie is my fav! aaannddd I enjoy our plans of going to Paris. we still have to do that btw. paris je t'aime! ; ) AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST :

Já deu para perceber que é a maior, não já?