Like our previous releases at the OA Industries print club, we are using this space to put up an interview about our newest print, Night Creature. For more info about it, head to the Organic Anagram Industries website, but for now, you have an interview with Braulio Amado himself. He is a good friend of mine, so it's a great pleasure to showcase his skills.

Introduce yourself.

My name is Bráulio Amado, I'm 24 years old, born in Almada, Portugal, and now living in Brooklyn, NY.

You were supposed to be our first release on the print club, about 15 months ago, would you care to explain what happened?

It sounds like a bad excuse but I was seriously busy and with my head all over the place with my emigration/visa process, work and life itself... so, it never seemed to work out and I really wanted this print to be something I could be proud of. I seriously had 5 different sketches, but I got tired of them once each started to get dragged and dragged for several months until it was completed. But finally, here it is...

What is the name of this print and what was your idea for it?

I named it NIGHT CREATURE. It's kind of a private joke around a song from this band called "Woods" that my friend Diogo used to joke about, but it's also an illustration of this weird creature that has the same night vision powers as a owl and hides this two different personalities in it.

Care to give any technical details of the execution? Were you drawing from any particular influences?

Besides the song itself, it was all drawn with ink and only had a few small digital retouches to it besides the simetric collage.

Is it possible to hang it in two different vertical stances?


What else are you doing at the moment?

I just finished a small zine called "HOUDINI" and right now my friend Chad is creating some music to go along with it. I'm also working on this book called "THUNDER TIGER" that is part of a book+record that I made all by myself... but it's something that still needs a lot of work until it sees daylight... maybe more 15 months, oops.

To buy Night Creatures, go here.