Varg Vikernes (...) has finished writing nine songs for BURZUM's new album, which he hopes to release next year. He tells Norway's Dagbladet that several record labels are interested in issuing the band's first LP in eleven years. "I want take my time [with the album], so that I can get it the way I like it," Vikernes says. "It will be metal, and the fans can expect to hear some real BURZUM."

Vikernes currently resides in Bø, a municipality in the county of Telemark, Norway. Varg purchased the farm sometime last year and lives on the property with his French wife (whom he met while he was incarcerated) and son.

"It was completely random that we ended up buying a home here," Vikernes tells Dagbladet. "We wanted a quiet and peaceful place with beautiful scenery outside the city. It is so beautiful up here. Here we can be by ourselves. But there is a lot of work that is required to maintain the house, lawn and garden."